Allpro offroad RTI ramp testing the completed setup

Allprooffroad RTI ramp More RTI ramp.

Johnny Joint shackles Johnny Joints.

3inch Downey Offroad springs Downey Offroad spring in the front still.

Clocked rear end Ubolt eliminator kit dif armour in rear.

Allpro offroad 4inch rear springsAllpro 4inch spring pack.

Allpro offroad Ubolt eliminator Rear axle seal.

ARB airlocker 5.29 gears Clocked rear differential.

Inboard E-brake Allpro inboard Ebrake.

Setting up the rear for Dual transfer case Rear clocked for Marlin dual case

Allpro offroad inboard ebrake close up of allpro Ebrake and arm

Bilstein 5100 shocks Bilstein 5100 shocks with new tabs

Currie Enterprises Johnny Joints Johnny Joint

Preporation for long travel shocks ready for shock hoops

Toyota IFS steering box mount prep for IFS steering box

Front spring hangers Allpro Front spring hanger.

Ubolt flip kit for front axle Ubolt flip kit for the front. 4inch springs

Aluminum Shackles extended front drive shaft Aluminum shackles on front.

Front Dif cover front dif cover and Ubolt flip.



Profields going inSide view stock toyota axle and 5.29 gears

Allpro shock hoops Prep for shock hoops

Toyota Power steering conversion power steering reservoir added.

DOA racing engine ported and polished Power steering pump added.

Stainless steal brake lines in rear completed rear with clocked axle.

Allpro E-brake View of allpro inboard Emergency brake

Long travel springs Downey springs gone 4inch allpro in place.

My future rap around bumper Jay Kings truck before becoming a truggy.

Side view of Jay kings truck.

Hy-steer cross over steering Hy-steer cross over steering going on.

Tie rod with spherical rod ends Lining up the hy steer.

Left and right 4130 Chromoly Hy-Steer steering arms  rebuilding the knuckle. birfield.

Birfield Birfield going in. axle lining up.


lining up the axle and birfield lining up the axle and birfield.

Left and right 4130 Chromoly Hy-Steer steering arms  birfield in.


birfield and bearing grease added.

adding stud kit and finishing off.