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Superstition Mountains OHV
Jan 17 2014

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Big Bear Summer Fest
June 26 2k10

johnson Valley Sun Bonnet
April 28 2012

Johnson Valley Wrecking Ball
Back Door Resolution
November 23,24 2010

Johnson Valley Non-Tinbenders
May 14 2011

Big Bear Summer Fest
June 26 2010

Prescott Rally
October 1,2 2010

Sierra Lost Creek rd snow run
May 20 2010

Johnson Valley Memorial Day Run
May 29 2010

Griffin King of the Hammers
Feb 12 2010

April 24 2010

Geared4fun Swamp Lake
August 19 2009

Offroad Expo
Oct 11 2009

NWF Off/Road Trip
March 29 April 4 2009

Tinbenders Jamboree
April 25 2009

Borrego Springs Pinyon Mt
February 8 2009

Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari
March 7 2009
Tierra Del Sol Carnage

2nd Annual Arizona Land Rover Rally
October 25th and 26th 2008  

Allpro Offroad Meet and Greet
November 15, 2008

Lockwood Valley Miller Jeep Trail
July 12 2008

Silverwood Lake
Sept ‎18 ‎2k8

Johnson Valley Tinbenders
April 26 2008

The Rock Garden Friday 13th Murrieta
June 13th 2008

Calico Cleanup (Night Run)
Feb 16-17

NWF Off/Road Trip
March 15-21, 2008

Johnson Valley Unnamed Trail
Dec 2, 2007

 All-Pro's Annual Jamboree
Barstow CA / Stoddard Valley
Jan 12-13 2008

Off Road Expo Pomona CA
Oct 7 2007

Los Coyotes
Oct 13 2k7

Baja Labor Day Beach Trip
Sept 2007

CORR off-road chula vista
Sept 30 2007

Big Bear Memorial Run
May 26 thru 27th 2007

Corral Canyon
Side Winder and Bronco Peak
Aug 6 2007

Manly Man Baja Expedition Adventure
Mar 31st 2007 thru April 7th 2007

Tinbenders Johnson Valley Cleanup
 April 28th, 2007

Johnson Valley Aftershock Trail
Feb 6th 2007

 45th TDS at Truckhaven
March 3rd, 2007

Doran/Odessa Loop
Dec 10th 2006

2007 All-Pro Off Road Jamboree
Johnson Valley, CA
Jan 13th 2007

Off-Road Expo (Pomona CA)
October 8th 2006

Toro Peak (Palm Desert/Idyllwild)
October 8th 2006

Devils Canyon East County
Sept 03 2k6

CORR (Championship Off-road Racing)
Sept 24, 2006  

Manly Man Rubicon Run
July 20-24 2006

Trail-Gear Dusy/Ershim
 Aug 25-27 2006

High Desert Round-up
May 27-30, 2006

Big Bear Forest Fest
June 17-18, 2006

Manly Man Baja Mexico
April 8 to April 15 2006

Tinbenders Jamboree
April 21,22,23 2006

Big Bear
Heart break ridge Jacoby Trail

February 26 2006

The 44th Tierra Del Sol
Desert Safari

March 4th & 5th 2006

Doran/Odessa Loop
Nov 6th 2005

All-Pro's Toyota Jamobree Johnson Valley, CA
Claw Hammer
January 14 2006 

 CORR Off-road
 Championship Race Chula Vista CA

Sept 25th 2005

 Off-road Expo
 Pomona CA

Oct 9th 2005

Corral Canyon
Gunslinger & Bronco Peak
August 14th 2005Bryce on Gunslinger

 Series Finals Cougar Buttes
September 11, 2005

2005 Toyota Jamboree
Johnson Valley Sun Bonnet Trail
April 23, 2005

Big Bear Forest Fest 8

June 17, 18 & 19, 2005

Johnson Valley Sledge Hammer Trail
Mar 27, 2005

Johnson Valley Clawhammer Trail
Feb 27, 2005
Suzi the rock dog!

Corral Canyon
Nov 14th 2004
Al trying to roll at the start of the trail.

Borrego Springs
Jan 23, 2005
Dave on the water crossing

Pomona Off Road Expo
Oct 9th 2004

Jack Hammer Run
 Oct 16th 2004

Los Coyotes
Sept 5th 2004

Join Us On Future Runs
78 FJ40 Landcruiser "Landcrusher"

Johnson Valley Aftershock
 June 05,200484 Extracab on aftershock

Big Bear
May 29, 2004
84 Toyota Big Bear trail

Johnson Valley
Choose SUV run or Aftershock

April 24, 2004Johnson Valley Carnage

Bahhh it's just Lance

AllPro Offroad BigBear Jamboree
Mar 28, 2004
Toyota Trail Rigs

The Best of Baja Manly Man Adventure
April 5th-10th 200487 Toyota Turbo truck knee deep

Los Coyotes
Jan 2004
Toyota Pickups and 4runners

Los Coyotes
Feb 29 2004
Los Coyotes Indian Reservation

Los Coyotes
Dec 2003
The Nowhitefenders guys

Los Coyotes
Jan 2004
Los Coyotes Fire Outlook Tower

Big Bear
Big Foot

Johnson Valley
March 2003
Neil helping RC through the crack

Big Bear Trip
July 2002
Crawler gear testing

Ocotillo Wells
DOA racing motor showing off

Off road EXPO
offroad Expo Pamona CA

Big Bear Trip 
Big Bear